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As I mentioned in my article “5 technologies that help make ultralight backpacking possible“, the web has become an amazing source of information and new ideas for ultralight backpackers. I am going to show you some of the best ultralight backpacking blogs the web currently has to offer. This is my list. Let me know what you think.

  1. Brian’s Backpacking Blog

    British-born, Brian Green has had a steady flow of great content since 2008. His style of writing is very conversational and Brian spends much of his time on other social media sites. Also check him out on Twitter. Brian is clearly an ultralight backpacker, but has a vast array of interest that he speaks about including barefoot running and Horology. Out of the list I find myself on Brian’s blog most often.

  2. Section Hiker

    Philip Werner started Section Hiker in 2008 to follow his journey of hiking the Appalachian trail section by section. This block is by far the best organized one I have seen. He has a plethora of information on backpacking and ultralight backpacking as well as great trail logs of the AT and the Long Trail in Vermont. Philip is also the founder of discussed in my post. A great place to find other blogs on hiking and backpacking.

  3. Backpacking Light

    Backpacking Light was founded in 2001 by Ryan Jordan and Alan Dixon. It is currently run by Ryan and his wife Stephanie. If you’re looking for info on ultralight backpacking on the web, you will eventually end up on one of their articles. They have a large array of contributors who cover many topics in the niche. Ryan and Stephanie also host ultralight backpacking courses online and in person. The only real downfall is that much of the content is behind a paid subscription.

  4. Jolly Green Giant

    Reviews, reviews, reviews. This 6’5″ tall, ultralight enthusiast shares some great reviews and a unique perspective of finding gear for the taller folks. I am a fan of his reviews because he is thorough and uses photography to really see what he is talking about. There are also some great trip reports, “Jolly” uses a free Blogger blog and has mentioned that he wouldn’t mind some tech help to move to a better platform. If you need some help Jolly, let me know.

  5. Ryan Jordan’s Personal Blog

    Ryan is a true entrepreneur. His personal blog spends much time promoting his courses and some other offerings. The photography on the site is beautiful, and in true entrepreneurial fashion, can be purchased with a click of the mouse. This blog is worth your while as Ryan does put a great deal of effort into it and shares some great advice, photography, poetry and tips.

Please recommend some of your favorite backpacking blogs in the comments below. I would love to hear what you have to say.

14 thoughts on “Top 5 Ultralight Backpacking Blogs

    • Yes, I agree with you. Andrew has tons to offer. I will check out the PMags blog. Being on the east coast I guess I lean more towards Appalachian trail journals. I need to keep an open mind. Thanks for posting Nathan. See you on the trail.

  1. Interesting readings, thanks! I’m not quite there (=far from it) yet, especially as these days I have a baby that gets heavier by day in the backpack, but it’s always cool to read how the real lightweighters do it. I often just browse these kinds of blogs with bit of envy and lots of outdated gear in my storage…

    • The beauty of ultralight gear is that the lightest gear is the cheapest. No gear. Really take a look at what you use and take nothing you don’t. Replace that bullet proof Nalgene with an soda bottle. Also, I got me some sweet deals this spring. Check out the brands GoLite and Stoic. They have AWESOME off season sales and great gear. Soon enough that baby will be carrying her own bag.

  2. I have had the pleasure of hiking with Brian from Brian’s Backpacking Blog, and like you, I find myself on his blog at least once a day… He is a great guy, and like the way that you describe him as “very conversational”. And of course, he has inspired a few of my own blog posts as well!

    I have also been following the Green Giant’s blog for a while now and really enjoy his site as well. I also visit Philips site on occasion. As far as forums go, I have spent a fair share of time at BPL too. Can’t say that I have spent much time at Ryan’s personal site though…

    To add a few blogs to your list, I would suggest Hendrik Morkels site, Hiking In Finland. Hendrik has a great site with some awesome photos and great, informative videos. I actually measure my videos up to his (although I will admit, my videos are not quite as good as his… 🙂 )

    Also, for some SUL or XUL info, John Abela’s site, HikeLighter.Com is awesome! if you haven’t checked out his site, I highly suggest doing so. Very interesting stuff!

    I also agree with the suggestion of PMags site. Great info and even more awesome pics!

    Then of course, I have gotta plug my own blog, Stick’s Blog… 🙂

    • I hope I get a chance to get out with you guys someday. Lot’s to learn and friends to make. I am trying to carve my own little niche in the ultralight backpacking blog community. The more I do, the more I get to meet people like you and Brian. It’s been a great ride. Can’t wait till the weather cools down and I can get back at it. See yeah Summer! Hello Fall!

  3. Nobody and I mean NOBODY has a better blog about UL/SUL than John Abela, even better than Skurka. His sight is Between John, Joe at Zpacks, Ruta Locura and Black Rock Gear I am down to under 5 pounds with full comfort! Even a neo air large matress, ALL essentials and full rain gear! By the way, Skurka seems kinda arrogant, I can feel it in his comments. So far I haven’t learned anything on his website. I learn more on and

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