Prevent Backpack Straps from Slipping

The Maxpedition Sitka is one of my favorite bags. I carry it everywhere I go in town. I like to adjust the shoulder strap to fit so I can just throw it on and go. After about a week, I need to readjust the strap as it slowly loosens. I came up with this technique to prevent the slipping and to look a little more finished than a half hitch. The half hitch works almost as well and may be preferred with thinner webbing found on many shoulder straps and lightweight backpack waist belts.

6 thoughts on “Prevent Backpack Straps from Slipping

    • The little strap, I assume you mean the elastic strap that I am using to secure it. That comes with the pack. You can with make one out of some heavy duty fabric elastic. Hope that helps.

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