Knife Techniques

This is a great instructional video on proper knife handling. It shows proper techniques and also demonstrates that cutting towards yourself is a guideline, not a rule. If done properly, it can be useful and safe. Enjoy.

Giant Redwood Logging

It’s a little sad to see these giants cut down. However, I do enjoy seeing how it was done in the past. It’s nice to hear even then that they conserved the greatest of the trees.

Alite Designs Monarch Chair

I was over at the local REI looking to see what they had up for their fall garage sale. This is where they try to offload some of the returned goods that the get due to their amazing return policy. …

The 2nd Annual Summer’s Last Gasp

I have been off the trail for six months mostly due to the summer heat here in Florida. I was so glad to see a local Hammock Forums hang called The 2nd Annual Summer’s Last Gasp happening nearby. One of the people …

Sawyer MINI Filter bottle adapter

The Sawyer MINI Filter is just being released to the wild and the ultralight crowd is in a feeding frenzy. Tinny from Minibulldesign does it again. This time he is ahead of even the manufacturer, with his Sawyer MINI Filter …