Bigfoot Auction Not A Success

Not really a surprise that this life-size model didn’t sell given the $80,000 reserve. As a Bigfoot fan, I would love one of these. Maybe $2000 would be a more reasonable price. Who knows, but it looks like it’s been re-listed at $85k. Interesting tactic.

In 1976, after years of study and research, a young man named Clifford LaBrecque undertook a challenge that stunned the Bigfoot world. Mr. LaBrecque built one of the best detailed “museum quality” models of Bigfoot. How he did it is a mystery that will probably never be known. One look and it shouts this is the “real thing”–eyes that follow you, and hands, fingers, and toes, are all in great detail. This fantastic piece of work has been stored for over 30 years. This is the first opportunity you have to own Bigfoot. It can be a tremendous attraction for showing this part of American folklore.


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