About Skunkape

Born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada, Skunkape (Ron Gallant) is an avid backpacker and photographer. Skunkape currently lives in Florida, USA as a web designer and software engineer.I am a trail loving, gear toting cryptid who longs for the mountains out west but resides in the swamps down east.

Axes in the Finnish Army 1939-1945

Here are some amazing photographs from the World War II era featuring Finnish soldiers using axes in their unique patterns.  Enjoy. Photos origianlly posted by Denis Efimov (Денис Ефимов) on the Axe Junkies Facebook Group   Additional Information Finnish Axes – …

Falconer-27 (aka Project-F) Backpack – Vanquest

Manufacturer of high-performance tactical gear, backpacks, sling packs, messenger bags, range bags, RFID wallets, accessories, etc. all made of military-grade parts such as USA-made MultiCam / MultiCam-Black fabric, genuine Cordura fabric with DuPont Teflon, YKK zippers, Gladding 550 paracord, ripstop …

Art Bell is back again, again!


Art Bell - Dark Matter

After only one and a half months on Dark Matters, Art Bell leaves the show due to various limitations including;

  • SiriusXM’s web player unreliability.
  • The caller pool too small.
  • International listeners have no legitimate way to hear the show.

Art is kicking off his own podcast that will be available to everyone.  It’s the beginning of another great era of “dark matters”.


Knife Techniques

This is a great instructional video on proper knife handling. It shows proper techniques and also demonstrates that cutting towards yourself is a guideline, not a rule. If done properly, it can be useful and safe. Enjoy.